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How it works for clients

submit project

How it works for Developers

Apply and Pitch for the Project

Pitch and tell your prospect that why you are the best choice for the project.

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Discuss the details

Engage in thorough project discussions to ensure everyone is aligned and has a shared understanding of the details.

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Setup project milestones

Break down the project into milestones, assigning specific due dates and costs to each stage.

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Create and send proposals

Craft concise and compelling proposals that are easily signed and accepted by your customers.

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Process milestone payments

Streamline milestone payments for seamless project progress. Ensure prompt disbursement upon completion.

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Capture every detail, no matter how big or small

Status, assignee, due date

So everyone knows what to do and when to do it.

Progress bar

See how your project is tracking toward its launch.

Prompt notifications

Promote clarity and awareness by keeping everyone informed.

Secured data sharing

Share credentials securely using project vault.

Team Hiring Page

Dedicated page for the businesses to get hired by your customers.

Exclusive Team Member

Enable the Exclusive Team Member Contract option to ensure that the team member does not collaborate with other teams.


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Director | Froiden

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Nancy Mishra

Senior Laravel Developer

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Vikash Singh Tanwar

Senior Laravel Developer

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