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Is Zunction for business teams or individuals?

Zunction caters to both business teams and individuals alike, providing a comprehensive solution for streamlining end-to-end customer project deliveries. In other words, it's the perfect tool for anyone seeking to optimize their project management processes.

As a business are there different roles to assign to my team member?

Yes for business teams, there are 2 roles.

Full Access: People with full access role can edit any of the team information and settings. Also can access all team projects and their comments, files, milestones, proposals.

Member: People with member role can only view those projects which they are part of and add comments or files to it. They cannot access team settings.

Can a user be a part of multiple companies?

Yes! A user has the ability to be associated with multiple businesses within Zunction. Businesses can invite users to join their team by sending them an email invitation, and the invited members can accept the invitation to become part of the business..

How are customer payments processed on Zunction?

With Zunction, businesses can easily integrate their Razorpay or Stripe payment gateway credentials to accept customer payments directly into their bank accounts. Additionally, they have the flexibility to receive payments through other methods and mark project milestones as paid within the platform.

What is the use of Project Vault?

Instead of sharing it in comments, Project Vault allows customers to share confidential information like server access details safely. Only team members with full access role can access it.

What are Private Comments?

To ensure confidentiality, any sensitive information intended only for the client or the Team owner/Full Access role user should be sent as a private comment. By default, all comments are visible to all project members, but private comments provide a secure way to restrict access and keep certain information private.

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